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    Philips kitchen lighting

    Set the right mood and get the most out of your kitchen

    Bring your kitchen to life


    Get together to cook, catch up over a meal and celebrate. With the best kitchen lighting to bring it all to life. Find kitchen lighting ideas that are beautifully practical, functional, but also warm and inviting.

    Kitchen lighting ideas

    Top view of man and woman preparing dinner in well-lit kitchen
    Finding your way

    Kitchen ceiling lights


    A nice ceiling light is a good start for your kitchen lighting. Choose an LED bulb with bright soft white light to get the most out of your ceiling lamp.

    Brightly lit kitchen worktop
    Safety first

    Kitchen countertop spots


    Cooks know it best; bright, neutral white light is essential when cooking. Choose an even and non-reflective light for the task area of your kitchen. Our BR30 has a wide beam angle giving you plenty of light when cooking or preparing food. For the home designer in you choose Philips LED globes for that modern feel you are looking for.

    Brightly lit kitchen table
    Versatile dining

    Dining table light


    The dining area in your kitchen should have a versatile light. Whether you're having a romantic dinner, having friends over, or your children are studying, the light should fit the activity. A dimmable warm-white light is a good choice to adjust the light to your needs. Check out Philips SceneSwitch dimming bulbs to match your lights to every occasion. With SceneSwitch there is no need to install a dimmer switch.

    Light strip under the kitchen worktop
    Decorative lighting

    Philips Hue smart lighting


    Use Philips Hue to accentuate the bar or worktop and create an even more special touch to your kitchen. Place the Hue lightstrip out of view and choose from more than 16 million colors.

    Popular kitchen bulbs

    • LED Bulb



      • 13.5W-100W
      • E26
      • Daylight

    Why is CRI important in the kitchen?

    A comfy bed lit by warm lighting spots
    Low CRI
    High CRI
    CRI stands for Color Rendering Index. Philips lightbulbs always have a CRI higher than 80, which is closer to natural outdoor light allowing colors to be reflected truly and naturally. This is especially important when preparing food, and very pleasant when eating dinner.

    Kitchen lighting videos


    Watch these videos to learn about the best kind of lighting for your kitchen.

    Dimmable LED bulbs

    Setting the mood with lighting

    LED color temperature color of light

    Light color temperature