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    Utility rebates


    Did you know that many utility companies offer rebates as an incentive to commercial customers for upgrading to more energy efficient lighting? As energy costs rise, switching to energy saving products is a smart business decision, but leveraging available rebates to further reduce costs is even smarter!


    We’re here to help. Even though utility rebates in general aren’t that difficult to navigate, there are different types of rebates available for a variety of products which can get tricky. You can start with our simple LED lamp rebate finder tool to search for rebates in your area and find the eligible Philips LED lamps that qualify for a rebate.

    To learn more about our range of energy saving lighting solutions, download the Signify Energy Saving Solutions brochure.


    Or if you have more detailed questions, feel free to contact your local Signify sales professional to learn more about opportunities in your region.

    Why do commercial rebates matter?

    Rebates offer huge benefits to your business. Energy efficient lighting can help reduce your energy costs significantly – ranging anywhere from 40 – 85% savings. Hydro electric companies “reward” those who install energy saving equipment by offering rebates – so essentially, you are being paid to save!


    These rebates help lower the initial project cost of the energy-saving measures, which in turn shortens the payback period and makes the overall investment more attractive to property owners. Just as important as the financial implications of these rebate programs to a business owner is the benefit to our environment from the reduced energy consumption footprint.


    In fact, our Payback Calculator Tool helps you quickly understand the value of switching to energy saving LED lighting and leveraging additional rebates. Simply input the details of your lighting project, and our calculator will provide a report detailing the energy savings, ROI, payback timeframe and environmental impact.

    Why do utility companies offer rebates?


    Utilities set annual energy savings goals which they then strive to meet. Offering incentives to commercial customers is an energy-saving alternative to the greater capital expense of expanding power plant capacity. It is often more economical for utility companies to offer rebates than to build a new power plant and deal with increased infrastructure maintenance.

    Lighting Controls Rebates

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    The number of rebates available for networked lighting controls are growing exponentially, encouraged in part by the creation of the DLC Networked Lighting Controls qualified product list. The DLC’s NLC QPL identifies systems that are eligible for utility rebates by meeting the minimum technical requirements as defined by DLC.

    Click on the links below to learn more about the smart lighting systems available from Signify which can qualify for control rebates.

    More energy saving lighting solutions  


    Signify offers energy saving solutions for virtually every aspect of your business. Our energy savings brochure provides more detail on the range of retrofit, fixture and control solutions available.

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    Rebates and incentives can help reduce the initial investment made in lighting projects by improving the payback time considerably. Signify is eager to help you identify rebate opportunities for your next project.  Contact your local sales representative, email us directly at, or fill out our form to start the conversation today.