Upgrading your lighting
    has never been easier

    One Stop Financing


    Financial and budget constraints no longer have to delay lighting improvement projects. Philips Lighting Capital offers low interest financing for energy-efficient lighting solutions – for both commercial and projects for the public sector.

    Lighting Capital Financing

    Projects to Pay for Themselves


    Philips Lighting Capital is a way to finance comprehensive lighting solutions. Philips Lighting Capital provides the necessary capital at attractive financing rates to help you achieve your energy-efficiency and economic goals. The program is designed to maximize financial benefits of lighting upgrades using Philips latest technology at “no upfront cost” to you. Monthly energy savings typically exceed monthly payments, resulting in a breakeven or positive cash flow from day one.

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    Benefits of Program


    • Preserve available cash and credit lines- 100% financing

    • including lighting equipment, recycling and installation costs

    • Standard terms 12 to 84 months, with customized terms beyond 84 months available

    • On balance sheet and off balance sheet solutions

    • Fast, efficient turnkey service

    • Return on Investment (ROI) as quick as one year

    • Reduce carbon emissions, lighting pollution and energy consumption

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    Eligible Customers


    • Commercial and Industrial Businesses

    • Colleges and Universities

    • Non-Profit Organizations- Provincial and Municipal Governments

    • Private & Public School Systems

    Eligible Customers

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