Switch to LED troffers with a revolutionary retrofit

Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit

Looking to upgrade your fluorescent troffers to energy-efficient LED? Philips EvoKit LED makes it easier and more affordable than ever to make the transition. These revolutionary retrofit lamps are compatible with both standard and narrow T-grids, and they can be fitted without entering your ceiling.

EvoKit LED gives any space a stunning new look and feel with its unique architectural styling. The lamps are sized to replace 2’ x 4’ and 2’x2’ troffers, and they produce bright, high-quality light while using minimal energy.The system comes with a dimming driver (Either 0-10 or Mark10) as standard, helping you to meet energy and code compliance standards such as ASHRAE 90.1

Maximum light quality, minimum energy use

EvoKit LED harnesses the latest advances in lighting technology to bring you unparalleled energy-efficiency. Producing 110 lumens of light per watt, it is powerful enough to replace fluorescent troffers while consuming significantly less energy.
The innovative design of EvoKit LED, with its diffuser and slanted troffer, reduces glare and creates a pleasant, uniform throw of light. High-quality illumination combines with pleasing aesthetics to transform your space with one simple installation.

Philips EvoKit lighting

Simple setup

EvoKit LED comes in 2’ x 4’ and 2’x2’ sizes, fitting both narrow and standard T-grids. What’s more, this state-of-the-art system can be set up without breaking your ceiling plenum. One fixture can be installed in less than five minutes, so you can carry out your lighting upgrade with minimal disruption to daily activities.

Philips EvoKit lighting

Long-lasting peace of mind

Built with cutting-edge technology and world-class craftsmanship, EvoKit LED will deliver high-quality illumination for years to come. The systemis supplied with a five year warranty, guaranteeing you the support of our lighting experts.
EvoKit LED is also rated to last more than twice as long as traditional T8 fluorescent lamps. With a life cycle of approximately 70,000 hours, it significantly reduces your future maintenance costs.
The system utilizes the same technology that is present in our Fortimo LED Systems. It has been rigorously tested with associations such as UL and DLC to guarantee that our photometric performance and lifetime claims meet your expectations.

EvoKit LED benefits

  • Efficacy up to 118lm/w
  • Reduce energy consumption and costs further with 0-10V, Mark 10 and Step/Bi-level dimming options
  • Either 0-10 or Mark10 dimming drivers to help curb energy use and meet new legislative standards when paired with suitable controls solutions
  • Simple installation in under 5 minutes
  • Multiple sizes, color temperatures and lumen packages available
  • Lumen maintenance of 70,000 hours
  • CRI >80
  • New fixture look and performance without the need to enter the ceiling
  • Compatible in both narrow and standard T-grids
  • Suitable for use with emergency backup, Philips part no 503441
  • Available with optional daylight and occupancy sensor system SpaceWise

Application Areas

The Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit is ideal for many applications, such as:

  • Offices (Open office, private office, conference room, corridors)
  • Schools (Classrooms, hallways, administrative areas, cafeterias, locker rooms, dormitories)
  • Healthcare (Hallways, patient rooms, administrative areas, stairwells, waiting rooms,operating rooms, assisted living facilities)
  • Retail (General floor lighting, convenience stores, back offices, discount stores, supermarkets)
  • Government (State, Local and Federal office buildings, VA Hospitals, Military housing, bases)


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