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Upgrade to LED in minutes, with linear lamps that fit into fluorescent fixtures without re-wiring


SpaceWise is a flexible LED lighting system with embedded wireless controls that allow you to configure your office space into lighting zones.

LED conversion

The switch to LED has never been easier! Stay ahead of the EU regulations and choose from diverse, fast and easy to install LED solutions.

LED strips

The new LED strips from Philips offer you a wide choice of high-quality lighting that fits diverse applications and budgets

TrueForce LED lighting

Philips TrueForce LED lights - a cost-effective HID replacement that makes it easy to upgrade urban lights, public lights and industry lights by using LED.

LED lamps

Philips LED lamps - our extensive range of LED lamps contribute to delivering high quality light for your incandescent light bulb and halogen spot replacement.


We help make your job easier - with luminaires printed to fit your exact specifications.

Philips MasterConnect LEDlamps

Smart retrofit LED lamps that give you an easy and seamless way to upgrade and embrace all benefits of connected lighting.


Upgrade your troffers to energy-saving LED lighting quickly and cost-efficiently, with Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit

MainsFit T8 LED

Philips MainsFit LED UL Type B lamps are a cost saving alternative to linear fluorescent used in commercial and light industrial applications.

LED HID Replacements

Philips TrueForce LED High Lumen lamps. Easy retrofit installation - take advantage of current fixtures and ballasts for an easy install with immediate energy savings.

Interact Ready

Philips Interact Ready lamps and luminaires work with the intuitive Interact Pro app to enable connected lighting for small and medium enterprises

LED tubes

From optimized energy efficiency to the highest light output. Now you can find the right energy efficient tube lights with the Philips LED tube light portfolio.

Philips Ultra Efficient lighting

Lighting for Circularity products, services and systems help to reach sustainability goals. Philips lighting products can be reprinted, refurbished reused or recycled.

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