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PLUS T8 High Output

PLUS T8 High Output

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Philips PLUS T8 High Output 8-foot fluorescent lamps reduce the impact on the environment by offering long life and low mercury.


Low mercury - only 4.4 mg per lamps.
24 month Warranty Period.
TCLP Compliant*
* Fluorescent lamps that are TCLP Compliant reduce the amount of pollutants released into the environment.


Extends the relamping cycle which reduces maintenance and disposal costs.
PLUS T8 HO 8-foot has the longest rated average life in the industry.
30,000 hours rated average life◊
More light over life with 95% lumen maintenance than a MH 400/U at 67% lumen maintenance.
Available in 8 foot length 86 watts with 3000, 3500 & 4100 Color Temperatures.
◊ Average life under engineering data with lamps turned off and restarted once every 12 operating hours.


Ideal for industrial applications requiring longer life.
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