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Carlisle Area School District

Carlisle, PA


See how lighting upgrades brought a Pennsylvania school district into the modern age.

Philips Lighting Carlisle Area School District Office Application

Not just



we love their overall aesthetics, too.”


-Rob Henning Senior Electrical Designer, Gatter & Diehl, Inc.

Carlisle Area School District Carlisle, PA Classroom
Carlisle Area School District Carlisle, PA Gymnasium

Customer Challenge


When renovating and expanding the district's Lamberton and Wilson Middle Schools, both built in the late 1970s, they sought to configure spaces to optimize the student learning experience while also incorporating sustainable practices throughout.

Carlisle Area School District Carlisle, PA Exterior
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The right lighting


Carlisle Area School District in Carlisle, PA empowers every learner to reach their highest level of personal excellence, and also applies the same doctrine across the district’s varied staff as a way to set an example and positively impact the surrounding community. So when renovating and as a result of the lighting upgrade, and a number of other sustainable initiatives, the renovated buildings are expected to use approximately 56% less energy per square foot compared to the original buildings. Classroom light levels are approximately 45 fc, and the interior watts per square foot were reduced from 144,870 allowable to 101,456 designed /proposed. Additionally, the upgrades qualified for energy saving lighting rebates from the local utility company. Currently, the district’s Lamberton Middle School is currently seeking LEED Gold Certification, and their Wilson Middle School, in close proximity to the district’s solar energy field, is seeking LEED Platinum Certification.

Shine LED

Shine LED

High efficiency with a fully luminous optic, minimizing harsh shadows


Product Information

PureForm Area Small LED P21

PureForm Area Small LED P21

PureForm - pure in form and function, defining performance


Product Information

Full Cutoff Bollard LED BR840

Full Cutoff Bollard LED BR840

BR840 - an inspiring new solution to low level lighting


Product Information

121 LED Sconce

121 LED Sconce

Designed to make your lighting distinct


Product Information

Optimizing the

student’s learning experience

The Team

Rob Henner

Senior Electrical Designer, Gatter & Diehl, Inc.

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