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1. Easy setup

Mount your luminous textile panel to the wall or ceiling. Plug in the power cable and Ethernet cable and you’re ready to go. There are no external drivers, complicated controls or cable-intensive equipment.
Philips Lighting’s luminous textile is easy to set up – simply mount your panel to the wall or ceiling and connect it

2. Intuitive content management

Download the free content manager software, which lets you upload videos from our library or your own content to the luminous textile panels. You can add new content any time to suit your brand, promotions or events. 
Upload dynamic content onto your Philips Lighting’s luminous textile panels using our content manager

3. Simple control

Each luminous fabric panel contains a built-in web server that lets you control it from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You can schedule different themes to play automatically and change a room’s ambience at the push of a button.
Change a room’s ambience instantly from your mobile device with Philips Lighting’s luminous textile panels