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    InterAct Office 


    Building intelligence with light

    Intelligent lighting that illuminates how your building is used; enabling you to make evidence based decisions

    InterAct Office, the connected lighting system from Philips Lighting, enables you to harness the Internet of Things to transform your building and save up to 80%* on energy. 


    LED luminaires with integrated sensors collect anonymized data on lighting performance and how workers use the workplace. This enables you  to optimize the lighting, HVAC, cleaning and space usage to improve efficiency, reducing energy usage and cost. Workers can use software apps on their smartphones to book meeting rooms, navigate within the office and personalize the environment around their workstation further improving productivity and employee engagement.


    Our smart lighting system with open API integrates seamlessly with the IT system, and enables a variety of software applications to create a more intelligent work environment for both building operations managers and employees.

    Communication and data through lighting

    InterAct Office benefits at a glance

    InterAct Office for workspaces enables data analytics to improve operational efficiency and workplace innovation
    Save on energy

    Lighting for the Internet of Things

    Connected lighting with open API offers a future-ready data collection infrastructure you can integrate with other building management systems to create a more intelligent building

    Save on energy

    Enable data-driven decision making

    Use insights gathered from sensors and software apps enabled by your connected lighting system to optimize building efficiency, space and cost

    Save on energy

    Enhance productivity

    Empower and engage workers through smart device apps that personalize lighting, temperature and enable location based services such as colleague location, room booking and indoor navigation

    Save on energy

    Innovate faster

    Fact based insight enables new workplace innovations while improving the employee experience and building brand reputation 

    Save on energy

    Achieve up to 80% energy saving for lighting alone*

    Meet green office standards with smart LED lighting that saves energy,  while also supporting employee comfort

    How InterAct Office works


    Our connected lighting system, InterAct Office, enables sensors and software apps over an intelligent data network in your ceiling.

    System building blocks

    Philips Lighting’s smart lighting system: Workers use the personal control application to personalize workspaces

    Personal control application

    Software apps for iOS and Android support personalization of lighting and temperature at a workspace by employees.  
    Philips Lighting’s smart lighting system: Increase efficiency and workplace innovation with Open API’s and a rich partner network that enables the development of a variety of customized software apps.

    Software Apps deliver new value

    Open API and a rich partner network enables the development of a variety of customized software apps to further increase efficiency and workplace innovation.
    Philips Lighting’s smart lighting system: Centrally hosted software dashboard lets you monitor luminaires and sensor insights centrally

    Centrally hosted Software Dashboard

    Set up and manage all your light points centrally and view sensor insights, including occupancy and energy usage.
    Philips Lighting’s smart lighting system: A full range of LED luminaires is available

    LED Luminaires

    A wide range of InterAct ready LED luminaires are available; including troffers, downlights and spots.
    Philips Lighting’s smart lighting system: Network Gateway


    A choice of sensors; standalone or built into the luminaire
    Philips Lighting’s smart lighting system: PoE switch

    Gateways, Switches and Control Panels

    A variety of compatible control panels, gateways and switches

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    Case studies

    * Compared to traditional lighting. Combined savings from LED lighting, occupancy sensor, daylight harvesting, personal controls and control of Variable-Air-Volume HVAC installations. (Source: J. Zhang, R.G. Lutes, G. Liu, M.R. Brambley. Energy Savings for Occupancy-Based Control (OBC) of Variable-Air-Volume (VAV) Systems, January 2013). 

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