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    When you need to get the job done right, you can count on Philips technology. With the widest range of LED, lamps, drivers, fixtures and controls – we can satisfy every customer need. 


    LED technologies are rapidly changing, creating plenty of new opportunities. As a trusted name in lighting, we understand your challenges and can help you build your business.   


    Take lighting beyond illumination

    Take your business to the next level with a connected lighting system.


    Introducing Interact Ready lighting products that wirelessly connect to our Interact Pro app, which makes installation quicker and easier without any extra cabling of IT support required.

    As an electrical contractor, you can bring your customers into the digital space, and offer them a lighting service that will create more effective and efficient workspaces.

    Click here to explore our connected lighting offering, and learn about a limited time rebate offer.

    A product to meet your every need


    Our aim is to make it easy to build your business. That’s why we provide a full product range of LED, lamps, drivers and luminaires. From simple lamp change to complete re-design, we make it easy to discover the perfect solution for your customer.


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    Every good contractor needs the right tools. Philips provides the Apps, literature and videos to help make installation hassle-free.


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