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    Philips InstantFit lamps

    Upgrading to energy-saving lighting just got a whole lot easier. Philips InstantFit T8 LED lamps fit seamlessly into your existing fluorescent fixtures, so you can switch to energy-efficient illumination just by swapping tubes. These ground-breaking linear lights come in a range of sizes, and they utilize your existing ballasts so no re-wiring is needed.


    Philips InstantFit tubes are compatible with 80% of fluorescent ballasts in use today. What’s more, they provide energy savings of up to 40% compared to fluorescent 32W T8 systems.

    Providing a quick and convenient way to upgrade to LED, InstantFit is setting new standards in sustainable lighting.

    InstantFit lamps by Philips lighting

    Plug and Play technology


    InstantFit bulbs are installed in seconds. The futuristic technology is compatible with the majority of instant-start T8 fluorescent fixtures, and a number of program-start fixtures. We have tested InstantFit with numerous instant start, programmed start and emergency ballasts to ensure a high-quality performance across compatible systems. 

    With no re-wiring or new ballasts needed in compatible fixtures, InstantFit provides the simplest, swiftest way to upgrade your lighting system.

    InstantFit lamps by Philips lighting

    Saving you money


    Upgrading to InstantFit lighting is a smart move financially. These breakthrough lamps use 40% less energy than traditional fluorescent 32W T8 systems, shrinking your electricity bill substantially. And thanks to the reduced energy consumption, your investment is paid back over a relatively short period of time.

    What’s more, installation is quick and easy, so you’ll spend less on labor. You’ll also save on future maintenance and replacement costs, thanks to the long life cycle of LED.

    Environment-friendly ambience


    Containing no mercury and producing virtually no UV or IR light, InstantFit lamps are kind to the environment. In addition, because the lamps are installed in existing luminaires, you’ll create minimal waste when making the transition to LED.