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    Philips EasySense Fixture-mount Sensors

    The Philips EasySense fixturemount sensor-with its small form factor-is a cost-effective and flexible solution to integrate occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and other advanced functionalities into today’s fixture designs.
    SNS200 for grouping

    SNS200 for grouping


    The EasySense SNS200 combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and task tuning with advanced grouping features:


    • Per-fixture control and grouping to wireless switches, no gateway required
    • Vacancy sensing
    • Common pre-sets; works out of the box
    • Occupancy sharing—Program peripheral fixtures to stay at task or background  level if occupancy is detected elsewhere in the group
    • Scene setting—Create presentation mode for a conference room (e.g., set light level low near the screen while keeping higher level in the back of the room)
    • DLC qualification—Listed in the DLC Qualified Products List (QPL) for networked lighting control (NLC) systems
    SNS300 for networks

    SNS300 for networks


    The SNS300 is designed for applications with centralized lighting control through Zigbee wireless technology.


    • Compatible with qualified third-party lighting control systems or building management systems (BMS)
    • Provides fixture-specific information for smart lighting uses cases such as remote energy monitoring, scheduling and demand response
    SNH200 for high-bay

    SNH200 for high-bay


    By providing greater coverage and rugged reliability for demanding high bay environments, the SNH200 delivers energy savings for warehouse (and similar) applications.


    • Simple grouping via NFC, as well as IR
    • IP65 rating against dust and water
    • Sub-zoning and occupancy sharing (zone with motion goes to full task level while sub-zones are maintained at background light level)
    • Simple grouping via IR
    OEMs: Foundation for a connected future

    OEMs: Foundation for a connected future


    Incorporate Philips EasySense fixture-mount sensors as part of a standard fixture portfolio while saving design time and money:


    • One fixture design can work for energy savings and code compliance strategies, from per-fixture to fully networked solutions
    • Compatibility with Philips Advance Xitanium SR LED drivers eliminates the need for auxiliary devices and timeconsuming configuration issues; no power packs required
    • Simple two-wire connection from driver to sensor reduces design-in complexity and additional components that add to overall costs
    Specifiers & ESCOs

    Specifiers & ESCOs: Flexibility for your choice of controls


    Specify Philips EasySense fixture-mount sensors as part of energy-saving and code-compliance strategies without hindering project time or aesthetics:


    • Integrated sensors blend within the luminaire, leaving the ceiling uncluttered
    • Occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting in one device
    • Makes per-fixture controls practical and cost-effective; eliminates hassle with ceiling wiring
    Easily Add Wireless Switches

    Easily Add Wireless Switches


    EasySense works with applicable wireless switches. Sensors can be grouped to switches to enable on/off and dim-up/dim-down functionality, plus facilitate scene setting with dual-rocker switches for SNS200. Grouping is easily accomplished via the EasySense IR feature of the Philips field apps from floor level. Once grouped, sensor parameters can also be programmed for the group in one step without having to program each individual sensor.

    Convenient smartphone-based app - Screen Shots

    Convenient Smartphone-Based App



    Philips field apps allow programming of occupancy & daylight sensing parameters and fine-tuning of light levels during installation. It can also be used for grouping of fixtures to applicable wireless switches. Register below for a username & password, and download “Philips field apps” from the Google Play Store. The app works on certain Android phones with NFC or IR. See “Recommended Phones” and the “EasySense App User Manual” in the download section.