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    Philips GreenPower LED
    interlighting system

    What is Philips GreenPower LED Interlighting?

    greenpower led interlighting module

    Based on input from growers around the world, our GreenPower LED interlighting system allows you to grow and harvest fresh and flavorful tomatoes or cucumbers year-round, no matter where you are or what energy prices you face.


    Placing lighting within the canopy of your high wire plants directs and focuses growth-stimulating light on the most vital part of the crop. With the sidewards light distribution pattern, the leaves can optimally transform the light into growing more yield.

    Application Fields

    Wim peters hps grow lights

    Plum tomatoes

    Discover how Kwekerij Wim Peters is using LED interlighting to grow quality plum tomatoes in winter.
    aps salads

    Midi plum tomatoes

    APS Salads is growing tomatoes year-round with 100% LED lighting (top- and interlighting).
    R and L holt

    Cherry tomatoes

    All R&L Holt’s tomatoes have increasing demand from retailers for the UK tomato season to be extended.
    gull valley


    With a full Philips LED lighting installation , Gull Valley Greenhouses are now able to offer a  supply of fresh tomatoes even through the winter months.



    Philips Greenpower LED Interlighting


    Growth-stimulating light below the canopy delivers photons to the vital part of the crop. Available in two sizes: 2.0 m and 2.5 m

    Regular Output
    High Output
    Voltage input
    200-400 V
    200-400 V
    64-79 W
    74-92 W
    Light output
    175-220 µmol/s
    240-300 µmol/s
    2.7-2.8 μmol/J
    3.2-3.3 μmol/J
    IP rating
    36,000 L90
    36,000 L90
    5 year limited
    5 year limited


    Technical Specifications     


    Proven recipes

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