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    Philips GreenPower LED
    flowering lamp

    What is a Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp?

    The Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp’s proven technology cuts your energy usage by up to 90% versus incandescent lamps, offers big energy savings versus halogen and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) – and boosts crop results.


    The GreenPower LED flowering lamp is the effective, energy-efficient way to extend daylight in greenhouses that cultivate:
      •    Cut flowers

          Bedding plants

      •    Perennials

      •    Strawberries

    Application Fields

    Bupleurum & Dianthus

    Having installed LED flowering lamps, Esmeralda Farms can now rely on fast growth cycles irrespective of the season.

    Pot Chrysanthemums

    Gediflora was looking for a good replacement for incandescent lamps and found an equivalent alternative by opting for LED lamps.

    Tuberous Begonias

    Find out how horticultural lighting is preventing early blooming and shrinkage at Valley View Greenhouses.


    The 88% reduction in energy consumption made Brookberries Venlo B.V. more CSR and economically involved.


    Deep red/White


    Inhibits flowering of short-day plants, and has for example been very effective in chrysanthemums.

    Voltage input
    120-230 V
    13 W
    Light output
    25 µmol/s
    1.9 µmol/J
    IP rating
    IP44 (UL/CSA for damp & wet locations)
    25,000 L90

    Deep red/White/Far red


    Ideal for photoperiodic lighting of bedding and perennials. It can extend the day or interrupt the night cycle to promote elongation of the stems of strawberries and stimulate flowering.

    Voltage input
    120-230 V
    9.3 W
    Light output
    20 µmol/s
    2.2 µmol/J
    IP rating
    IP44 (UL/CSA for damp & wet locations)
    25,000 L90
    *Standard E26 fitting


    Technical Specifications

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