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    Stay informed with the latest news about our LED lighting in horticulture. Below you can find an overview of the latest press releases from Philips Horticulture LED Solutions.


    2017-11: Philips Lighting adds Climatrol Solutions Ltd. to its horticulture partner network in North America

    2017-11: Philips Lighting to install its first LED grow light project in New Zealand at Gourmet Mokai


    2017-11: Philips Lighting helps annual and perennial cuttings producer and breeder Florensis Kenya


    2017-10: Philips Lighting supports MiniCrops’ first vertical farm with GreenPower LED lighting


    2017-10: Philips Lighting Horticulture LED Solutions adds Ball Seed to North America Partner Network


    2017-10: Philips Lighting provides LED lighting for new sustainable algae production facility at AlgaeCytes


    2017-09: Philips Lighting Horticulture LED Solutions adds BWI Grower Technical Sales to North America Partner Network


    2017-08: Philips Lighting adds John Burns as Key Account Manager to horticulture LED lighting team in North America


    2017-08: Philips Lighting signs new horticultural LED lighting project with longtime partner Wim Peters

    2017-07:  Philips Lighting expands Horticulture LED Solutions team in Australia


    2017-07: Philips Lighting develops a new growth recipe to reach seven times the average vitamin C content in arugula

    2017-06: Philips Lighting Horticulture LED Solutions adds Horticoop Scandinavia A/S to its Partner Network

    2017-06: Beijing Oritech joins Philips Horticulture LED Solutions Partner Network


    2017-06: Philips Lighting begins largest LED horticultural lighting project in the world

    2017-05: Philips Lighting adds Ray Houweling as Key Accountmanager to horticulture LED lighting team in North America


    2017-03: French 100% LED tomato growers share expertise at fourth Philips High Wire Event

    2017-03: Wageningen University research; illuminating tomato fruit enhances fruit vitamin C content


    2017-03: Wageningen University research; lettuce growth and quality optimization in a plant factory


    2017-02: Philips Lighting enables Dutch tulip grower Karel Bolbloemen to optimize its crop with new tunable LED lighting


    2017-02: Leading horticulture researchers explore new innovations


    2017-02: Colorado State University and Philips Lighting convene inaugural Research Summit to further industry collaboration and cooperation


    2017-01: Philips Lighting introduces new GreenPower LED interlighting system



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