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    Stay informed with the latest news about lighting in horticulture. Below you can find an overview of the latest articles from various journals and videos published by various media.





    2015-11: Hydroponics & Greenhouses, The development of LED is displacing traditional HID (GrowWise & Green Sense Farms)


    2015-10: Greenhouse Grower, Bedding plant plug production (Purdue University)


    2015-10: In Greenhouse, “I want to help growers, I don’t need to own the largest greenhouse in Georgia” (Imereti Greenery)


    2015-10: Flora culture, Controlling lighting and temperature independently of one another (Leo van der Harg)


    2015-10: (video) BBC Horizons on Philips GrowWise Center – How far have we come?


    2015-09: Greenhouse, Microgreens production (Purdue University)


    2015-08: Greenhouse, Reaseheath builds cutting-edge glasshouse (CambridgeHOK)


    2015-08: Greenhouse Grower, Customizing ornamental crop foliage with LEDs (Purdue University)


    2015-08: Commercial Greenhouse Grower, Philips GrowWise city farming research center opens


    2015-07: Greenhouse Canada, Seedlings Thrive under LEDs (Purdue University)


    2015-06: Commercial Greenhouse Grower, Propagation success with LED lighting (Kernock Park Plants)


    2015-05: Commercial Greenhouse Grower, Year round tomatoes in the UK (R&L Holt)


    2015-05: British Farmer & Grower, Using LED lighting in tomato production, does it work? (R&L Holt)


    2015-04: Commercial Greenhouse Grower, LED lighting need not be overly complicated (STC)


    2015-04Die Zeit, Das jüngste Gericht (German)


    2015-03: Commercial Greenhouse Grower, Flowering control of ornamental crops with LED lamps (Michigan State University)


    2015-02: Greenhouse Grower, Southwest Perennials improves production, shortens crop time with LEDs


    2015-01: Commercial Greenhouse Grower, Forcing the technology to feed the future (STC)


    2015-01: FloraCulture International, LEDs: save money, save the planet (vd Harg)


    2015-01: In Greenhouses, De Jong and Peters describe first experiences with LED interlighting (Jami & Wim Peters)


    2015-01: In Greenhouses, More than 30 per cent energy savings possible with LEDs in gerbera (WUR)


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