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    Every grow

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    Quality cannabis cultivation with Philips LED toplighting compact (TLC)


    The Philips LED toplighting compact (TLC) is an easy, 1-to-1 HPS replacement. It delivers efficacy of 3.4 µmol/J and output of 1750 µmol/s in a full-cycle spectrum optimized for cannabinoid development.


    If you are a commercial grow or home grow, and your priority is a high-quality crop, the Philips LED TLC delivers. Improve your grow and make a big difference with a little TLC. 

    Light intensity values offered by Philips TLC

    philips led toplighting veg to flowering
    This graphic shows the light intensity values offered by the Philips LED toplighting compact at decreasing canopy heights. The PPFD values are shown in a 4 x 4 ft area under one luminaire. These values do not include nearby reflective surfaces or adjacent luminaires. Click here to download a copy of this chart as a PDF.

    Philips LED toplighting compact (TLC ) grow light

    DRW MB
    Voltage input
    200-400 V
    520 W
    Light output
    1750  μmol/s
    3.4 μmol/J
    IP rating
    36,000 L90
    5 year limited



    Installing Philips LED toplighting compact (TLC)

    Philips LED toplighting compact (TLC) close up
    Philips LED toplighting compact (TLC)

    The Philips LED toplighighting compact* comes with two hanging brackets. Attach the brackets by positioning each bracket between the marked ribs. Push the bracket down and secure to the TLC module.


    Attach an adjustable rope lock to the bracket. Adjust the height of the module to the appropriate free distance between the light and top of crop using the chart below as a reference.


    *Mains power cable is sold separately.

    Attach brackets to Philips toplighting compact

    heatsink installation video

    Your Philips LED toplighting compact comes with two hanging brackets. Watch this video to learn how to securely attach the hanging brackets to the module.


    *Reminder - the mains power cable is sold separately.

    Where to buy

    Ask for the Philips LED toplighting compact from your local hydroponics or grow supply store. You may also send an email to

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