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    Tailor-made light recipes   for growers


    The farming method of the future is here. Optimize your growth systems with LED for sustainable crop cultivation, all year round. Tailor-made light recipes mean faster growth, bigger harvests, and higher quality plants.


    Philips has been developing ways to apply lighting technology to crop farming for over 75 years. With cutting-edge LED innovations at our command, we can custom-build a science-based solution for you.


    Horticulture LED Lighting Applications

    At Philips we are experienced in providing the right circumstances for your crop. Find out below what LED light can do for you!
    vegetables & fruits

    Vegetables & Fruits

    High wire vegetables, leafy vegetables, herbs and soft fruits. 


    Finely-tuned light recipes supply the spectrum and intensity the crop needs without adding extra heat, giving you more control over the greenhouse climate, making year-round production possible.



    Cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants & perennials.


    With the right light recipe, you’ll have complete vegetative and reproductive control over your plants. On top of this, LED lighting makes it easy to manage heat levels.


    city farming

    City farming

    Leafy vegetables & ripe fruit without daylight. 


    Growing crops in small interior areas; LEDs make the dream possible by providing the optimal light spectrum for indoor growth, using multiple layers to maximize production.



    LED products

    Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

    Philips GreenPower LED toplighting linear

    Philips is introducing an LED-based toplighting solution for greenhouse growers, easy to install and no need for water cooling systems.
    Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact

    Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact

    For your light-loving plants, the Philips LED Toplighting Compact is a UL/CSA-approved grow light that delivers high light levels in growth-stimulating spectrum.
    Philips GreenPower LED interlighting module

    Philips GreenPower LED interlighting

    The interlighting module is a bi-directional lighting module for interlighting in between tall plants e.g. tomatoes.
    Philips GreenPower LED production module

    Philips GreenPower LED production module

    The production module is developed for multilayer cultivation in conditioned environments with little or no daylight.
    Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp

    Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp

    The flowering lamp is the alternative for extending day length for plants that are sensitive to the photoperiod.
    Toplighting grow light greenhouse cultivation

    Utility Incentives and Rebates


    Did you know that many utility companies in Canada offer incentives and rebates for upgrading to energy-efficient horticulture lighting? Plus, by making the switch to LEDs, you can reduce your annual operating costs and improve the quality and speed of your production—a true-win-win-win situation.


    Signify now offers rebate expertise in support of our Philips brand horticulture LED lighting, to help you identify and assess the opportunity of a utility rebate. Numerous Philips LED grow lights are already certified by DesignLights Consortium (DLC®); this DLC certification expedites the rebate approval process with most utility companies. 


    If you are interested in learning more, please engage with us as soon as possible to ensure the necessary pre-approval process with the utility company complies with the application requirements.


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