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    Next Level

    Next Level Workshops


    The LAC Next Level Workshops apply the fundamentals of lighting, luminaires, and controls in order to develop techniques, skills, and know-how for specific end-user applications and technologies. These workshops include Intermediate Lighting Systems and Technology; LED Lighting Systems, Selling Lighting Systems, and our Top Gun (factory-based, product-specific) workshops.

    Fundamentals level workshops (or equivalent) are required.

    Top Gun workshops are by invitation from your Philips Sales Representative.

    Next Level Workshops

    Intermediate Lighting Systems and Technology

    Location: Somerset, NJ
    DATES: February 9-11
    November 16-18

    Selling Lighting Systems Workshop

    Location: Somerset, NJ
    DATES: October 28-30

    LED Lighting Systems Workshop

    Location: Somerset, NJ
    DATES: February 18-19
    September 14-15

    Top Gun General Area Luminaires Tupelo, MS

    Location: Tupelo, MS
    DATES: February 12-13 - Class Closed
    November 12-13

    Top Gun Fluorescent Systems

    Location: Salina, KS
    DATES: September 23-24

    Top Gun Point Source Luminaires

    Location: Fall River, MA
    DATES: June 3-4

    Top Gun for Advanced LED

    Location: Burlington, MA
    DATES: June 17-18

    Top Gun Outdoor Luminaires

    Location: San Marcos, TX
    DATES:October 15-16

    Top Gun Lighting Electronics

    Location: Rosemont, IL
    DATES: April 13-14

    Philips Color Kinetics 201

    Products and Applications

    Location: Burlington, Massachusetts
    DATES: July 29-30

    October 7-8