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    Lighting Fundamentals


    The LAC Lighting Fundamentals Workshops provide the necessary foundation for both a successful career in the lighting industry and effective performance in other activities that involve lighting.

    Lighting Fundamentals

    Lighting Fundamentals Workshop

    Location: Somerset, NJ
    Dates: January 26-29
    April 20-23 - This course is closed
    June 22-25
    August 10-13
    October 20-23
    December 8-11

    Introduction to Luminaires

    Location: Somerset, NJ
    Dates: April 15-17
    November 4-6

    Introduction to Lighting Controls

    Location: Somerset, NJ
    Dates: March 24-26
    July 29-31

    E120 Systems Design Workshop

    Dates and Location:
    April 7 – Denver, Colorado
    May 12 - Dallas, Texas
    June 9 – Burlington, MA
    June 24 – Orlando, Florida

    July 15 – Portland, Oregon

    August 4 – Los Angeles, California

    August 25 – Syracuse, New York

    August 26 – TBD, Missouri

    September 30 - Ohio

    October 14 – Somerset, New Jersey

    Philips Color Kinetics 101

    Introduction to Philips Color Kinetics

    Location: Burlington, Massachusetts
    Dates: July 28
    October 6