Energy savings, compact size

PL-C Cluster 4-Pin Base Energy Advantage

PL-C Cluster 4-Pin Base Energy Advantage

PL-C Cluster 4-Pin Base Energy Advantage

  • Energy savings, compact size

    • High light output in a compact size - 88% lumen maintenance.
    • 'Sustainable lighting solution.
    • TCLP compliant* with only 1.4mg of mercury per lamp—the lowest mercury content in a PL-C lamp in the industry.
    • * Fluorescent lamps that areTCLP compliant reduce the amount of pollutants released into the environment.


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Product family information

Philips Linear Compact Fluorescent Lamps offer designers, specifiers and end-users new levels of efficiencies and versatility in sizes,configurations and application possibilities. With so many elegant fixtures available to complement their small size, high light output and advanced technology, Philips Energy Advantage lamps are fast becoming the preferred choice when maximum effciency and sleek design solutions are required.


Up to 22% energy savings when replacing the above 18W and 26W lamps†.
Quad Tube Design.
12,000 Hour Rated Average Life*
Energy saving system without changing a ballast.
14W is a direct replacement for a PL-C 18W lamp—saving 4 watts of energy.
21W is a direct replacement for a PL-C 26W lamp—saving 5 watts of energy.
Available in: 14 and 21 watts with 2700, 3500,and 4100 color temperatures.
* Average life under specified test conditions with lamps turned off and restarted no more frequently than once every 3 operating hours. Lamp life is appreciably longer if lamps are started less frequently.
† 18 watt-14 watt=4 watt/18 watt=22% 26 watt-21 watt=5 watt/26 watt=19%


Ideal for downlights and wall washers in general lighting and wall sconces in decorative lighting
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