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DuraMax Deco Flame

DuraMax Deco Flame

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Philips DuraMax® Long Life Decorative Flame bulbs reduce the hassle of replacing light bulbs every few months, since all DuraMax products last longer than standard incandescent light bulbs. Philips Duramax decorative flame bulbs are available in a variety of wattages with clear,white,amber and iridescent finishes. The clear bulbs provide decorative sparkle,white bulbs provide a soft white glow, while the iridescent and amber light bulbs add a dash of shimmer and color. In their own unique ways, the different decorative flame bulbs add a pleasant touch to home decor and outdoor post lights.


Philips DuraMax long life flame light bulbs last longer than standard incandescent, significantly reducing the hassle of replacing light bulbs that burn out too quickly.
Philips DuraMax decorative flame bulbs add a pleasant touch to home décor and outdoor post lights.


Lasts at Least OneYear!*
Available in a variety of wattages.
Medium and candelabra bases.
Clear bulbs add decorative sparkle, white bulbs provide a soft white glow.
Amber and Iridescent bulbs light bulbs add shimmer and color.
Available in: F10 shape: 15 watt clear and amber and 25 watt clear candelabra bases;F15 shape: 25 watt clear,white, amber, and iridescent, 40 watt clear, white and iridescent, and 60 watt clear, medium base; F20 shape: 100 watt clear medium base.
*Based on an average of hours usage per day/7 days per week. Hours differ between products, and there are exceptions. See individual products for details.


Ideal for general or ambient lighting in wall sconces, chandeliers, and outdoor post lights.
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