Powerful, ultra-slim circular lamps

T5 Circular

Product family information

Philips T5 Circular lamps are ultra-slim with improved color rendering, higher efficacy, and longer life.T5 HO circular lamps offer extraordinary light output.


Slim profile lamp and ballast enables fixtures to be 45% smaller than T9 Circline systems.
Long Life to assist with lowering your maintenance costs and reducing waste.
Operates on Programmed Start Electronic Ballasts.


Design flexibility.
Improved optical control.
Fixtures can be 45% smaller than standard T9 circline systems.
Dimmable for additional energy savings.
Energy efficient.
Less material means less waste.
Longer life.
Available in 22 and 40 Watts with 3000, 3500, 4100 color temperatures. T5 HO Circular Lamps are available in 55 Watt with 3000, 3500 and 4100 color temperatures.


Ideal for offices and commercial establishments where smaller, more appealing fixture designs are required
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