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Philips SpaceWise Technology

Why choose an LED luminaire with SpaceWise Technology? Traditionally, controls systems have required complicated design, expensive commissioning, and additional material costs on top of an already expensive building project. The long time frame for payback made these systems a challenge to specify. With SpaceWise, you can have a solution with embedded sensors and wireless controls, without extra wiring between luminaires or to the compatible wireless switches.
Philips Ledalite SpaceWise Office Application Video

Out-of-the-box solutions


Philips systems engineers calculated the optimum value features for standard office applications and pre-programmed them for you in SpaceWise. This allows us to offer you pre-packaged out-of-the-box application solutions, while also giving you the flexibility to tune the room light levels in the field.

SpaceWise Technology is designed for achieving sustainable objectives and brings you controls behaviors for the entire office suite. This 2nd generation has been designed with application modes for open plan offices, private offices, meeting rooms, corridors and emergency egress.

Philips Lighting SpaceWise Open Office Application

Save energy without compromise


Philips LED luminaires with SpaceWise Technology offers what building owners and managers really want, deep and scalable energy savings without sacrifice.



  • Light when you need it, where you need it.
  • Typical estimated combined system savings from wattage and controls is 60-75%*.
  • Tested with occupants to ensure satisfaction**.


*Against a comparison baseline of 3-lamp T8 2’x4’ troffers on 8x10 centers without dimming controls.

**Based on before and after occupant surveys using a third party independent lighting satisfaction survey tool.

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Wireless for easy installation


Luminaires with SpaceWise technology solutions are simple to install.


  • Plug and play with easy grouping
  • Stand alone system—no network, computer, or light meter required 
  • Auto calibration, no manual daylight commissioning.
Phililps Lighting SpaceWise Energy Saving Chart

Aggressive energy savings


SpaceWise Technology offers aggressive energy savings without compromising quality by using LED luminaire efficiency in combination with powerful dimming algorithms. The table below depicts the range of energy savings options using an example of an indoor luminaire with SpaceWise technology.

Phililps Lighting SpaceWise Energy Saving Chart

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