Philips Lumec RoadFocus LED Cobra Head Luminaires

Chances are, you’ve considered LED roadway lighting, but when weighing the familiar performance and appearance of traditional roadway lighting against newer technologies, you may wonder how LED lives up to your stringent standards.
Philips Lumec RoadFocus LED Cobra Head Luminaires

Favorably priced, easily retrofitted


With the new Philips Lumec RoadFocus LED Cobra Head Luminaires, you can now reliably upgrade to LED roadway lighting; saving energy, maintenance and operating costs, and contributing to environmental stewardship. At the same time, you’ll benefit from performance surpassing that of high intensity discharge (HID) luminaires while retaining the familiar cobra head design. RoadFocus is designed to replace 70-400W HID luminaires, and provides uniform, high performance LED illumination. In addition to enhanced light output with excellent uniformity, RoadFocus LED Luminaires can help to drive cost and workflow efficiencies.

Favorably priced, easily retrofitted

Key Features/Benefits


  • Familiar cobra head aesthetics by day
  • Powerful 70-400W HID replacement illumination at night
  • Seamless installation in new and existing areas across all roadway applications
  • Optional stand-alone and connected outdoor LED lighting solutions further customize energy use and maximize the benefits of LED lighting
  • Field upgradable connected lighting solutions
  • Fast payback
Key Features/Benefits



  • Multi-lane Freeways and Expressways
  • Major Roads- City Streets
  • Collector Roads- Intersections
  • Adjoining Roadways
  • Bridges and Overpasses
  • Local Roads
  • Residential Streets
  • Alleys

Three Sizes


With three sizes, a sleek, low-profile design, and many options, RoadFocus extends the same uniform aesthetic throughout all of your roadway applications. RoadFocus LED Luminaires are the only roadway lighting solution you will need.

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