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Philips MasterClass

For every project where exceptional, high-quality lighting is required. The MasterClass line of LEDs exceeds industry energy efficiency requirements, featuring improved lifespan and warranties with broad product ranges.

Philips CorePro

For every job requiring efficiency, value and uncompromising quality, these LED lamps are perfect for basic lighting needs across a wide range of applications. The CorePro line of LEDs meet industry efficiency standards and minimize maintenance costs for quick payback.


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We’ve created the Philips MasterClass and the Philips CorePro categories to make it easier for you to instantly identify the precise level of quality, efficiency and value you need for the application at hand.

LED Lighting Revolution

The global adoption of energy efficient LED technology continues at a rapid pace. As a trusted brand for over 125 years, Philips remains a true leader on the cutting edge of innovation to deliver reliable and meaningful LED solutions to the market. Choose from a wide range of Philips LED lamps that will help transform your environment, deliver on your brand identity, and reduce your operating costs and environmental impact

LED lamp families

Product Showcase

  • TrueForce LED

    TrueForce LED

    Direct retrofit for HID lamps – take advantage of current high bay fixtures and ballasts for an easy install with immediate energy savings.

  • MainsFit T8 LED

    MainsFit T8 LED

    Philips MainsFit LED UL Type B lamps are a cost saving alternative to linear fluorescent used in commercial and light industrial applications.

  • ExpertColor LED

    ExpertColor LED

    Philips ExpertColor is a collection of high CRI LED PAR and MR16 lamps for creating a premium retail and hospitality lighting experience.