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The Philips Day-Brite/Philips CFI EvoGrid recessed LED family provides a unique blend of budget-minded design coupled with architectural appeal providing comfortable, energy efficient spaces within reach of your budget.


The 2x2 and 2x4 configurations available in three color temperatures complement any décor and provide pleasing illumination without distraction, thanks to a single lens enclosure and stylish, modern architectural aesthetics. At the same time, these dimmable LED recessed luminaires are priced similarly to specification grade fluorescent luminaires, so it’s easy to make the transition into LED technology.


Energy efficiency now and beyond


With efficacy packages available that exceed 120 LPW, EvoGrid recessed LED architectural luminaires offer industry leading efficiency. This along with standard 0-10v dimming, and integrated occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors, allows your customers to achieve energy efficiency targets and reduce payback periods. For further energy savings to meet energy codes and qualification to additional utility rebate incentives, the SpaceWise integrated wireless control option changes light levels in response to movement without requiring web or management system connection.


SpaceWise eliminates the need for complex control design, installation and commissioning, and enables up to 75% more energy efficiency compared to standard fluorescent recessed luminaires, and 25% more energy efficiency than LED recessed luminaires without control systems. This makes EvoGrid recessed LED architectural luminaires ideal for both renovation and new construction projects.



Convenient ownership and maintenance  


Now it’s even easier to maximize budgets with LED recessed luminaires. In addition to long LED lifetimes, robust efficiency, sustainability and reduced energy costs, EvoGrid recessed LED architectural luminaires can qualify for higher rebate incentives, especially when incorporating the integrated connected lighting capabilities of SpaceWise technology. The luminaires have a shallow depth to conserve precious plenum space, and with quick access to key components, the luminaire is easy to maintain, and upgradable in the future without needing to remove the fixture from the ceiling.



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