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Philips T5 Fluorescent Lamps

Philips T5 Fluorescent Lamps


Philips T5 Fluorescent Lamps featuring ALTO Lamp Technology offer increased energy savings and low toxicity in a slim profile. These lamps are available in standard output (HE), high output (HO), energy advantage, and extreme temperature products to support any application needs. The Philips 44W Energy Advantage T5 high output lamp offers significant energy savings while providing great light for the customer’s application.

Philips T5 Fluorescent Lamps
Philips T8 Fluorescent Lamps

Philips T8 Fluorescent Lamps


Philips T8 Fluorescent lamps are energy efficient, low in mercury, and long lasting. With the latest introduction of Twice the Life lamp to the market, customers can get all these benefits with one lamp. They can also save money by not having to replace lamps as often using these lamps with an industry leading rated average life of 90,000 hours (when used on program start ballasts) with ALTO II technology. Imagine using a lamp that lasts up to 20 years!

Philips T8 Fluorescent Lamps
Outdoor HID Lamps

Outdoor HID Lamps


Philips offers a full line of traditional HID outdoor solutions including quartz metal halide; high and low pressure sodium, mercury vapor and ceramic metal halide. Particularly, the AllStart is a Philips exclusive, direct retrofit for quartz lamps on both probe and pulse start magnetic ballasts. They offer 18% energy savings, up to twice the life of quartz metal halide equivalents, outstanding lumen maintenance and over 85 CRI. Beyond AllStart, Philips ceramic metal halide outdoor lamps lead the industry in lumen maintenance (80%) and energy savings, with up to 120 lumens per watt. There's also no need to sacrifice color quality with options up to 90 CRI and fully natural colors, while white outdoor lamps offer attractive, warm white light.

Outdoor HID Lamps
Indoor HID Lamps

Indoor HID Lamps


Philips leads with innovative, ultra-high performing lamps designed for making retail environments look spectacular. A full assortment of configurations and wattages is available from T4, T6, R111, MR16, PAR and ED. Setting the standard with MasterColor CDM lamps in 1994, the Elite series continues the innovation with 90 CRI, outstanding color quality and sparkling white light. They offer 107 Lm/W, 83% lumen maintenance, and over 15,000 hours lifetime. Further, Philips introduces the Evolution series, the best-in-class retail lighting focused on sparkling white light. Philips HID indoor lamps continue to lead the industry with efficiency up to 113 Lm/W and longer relamping cycles with to 20,000 hours rated life. Also, Philips emphasizes environmental responsibility with ALTO technology passing US PEA TCLP for non-hazardous waste status.

Indoor HID Lamps

Philips Fluorescent Lamps


Philips Linear Fluorescent lamp portfolio offers some of the lowest mercury and longest life lamps in the industry. ALTO lamps with green endcaps have become synonymous with environmental responsibility and low mercury. Since their launch in 1995, 2.0 billion Philips fluorescent lamps with ALTO Lamp Technology have been produced with over 20 tons less mercury than previous lamps. Philips launched ALTO II Technology in 2007. It has 50% less mercury than prior T8 lamps featuring ALTO Technology, making these lamps the most sustainable linear fluorescents available with the same performance levels (life, energy, and light output).

Fluorescent Lamps

Philips HID Lamps


Lighting plays a critical role in transforming the look of outdoor and indoor environments. Whether you’re looking to create a unique identity for your city, light a local sports stadium or showcase high-end retail merchandise, Philips has a solution for you.

HID Outddor Lamps


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Jun 7-9, 2017

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Aug 13-16, 2017


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Sep 05-08, 2017


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Sep 13-15, 2017


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