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Philips Advance Xitanium Drivers with SimpleSet


Philips’ new SimpleSet wireless programming technology for LED drivers is designed to help OEMs quickly and easily program LED drivers at any time during the manufacturing, distribution or installation process. As a result, OEMs and their customers can meet orders faster with greater confidence while reducing costs and inventory.

SimpleSet product

Accelerate LED Programming


Currently, there are a variety of methods used to adjust output current of LED drivers. One method is putting a resistor on the driver that allows you to set the desired drive current. Other methods include DIP switches or adjustable potentiometers or programming via software. So far, all of these solutions have proven to be cumbersome to incorporate into high volume production environments because the driver either has to be powered for programming or needs to be wired to a programming device. Using SimpleSet technology, you will be able to quickly and easily program drive current and set specific lumen levels without the driver being powered or wired. This speed and flexibility will allow you and your customers to set and reset parameters as needed.

SimpleSet Technology

A Simple Flexible Solution


Tapping into the new Philips Advance Xitanium LED Drivers with SimpleSet is easy. First, you use Philips MultiOne software to set the desired parameters for the LED drivers. Then, after connecting the programming device to the computer, touch the device to the appropriate place on the driver and the programming device wirelessly programs the driver, and the software provides visual and audio confirmation that the driver was programmed successfully.

SimpleSet Solution

Stay Ahead of Business Demands


SimpleSet technology enables you to do more for your customers and your business. OEMs can quickly meet a broad range of customer requirements and order variations. In addition, wireless programming is flexible so it can be incorporated directly into any and all areas of your product development process, warehouse and distribution. You have never-before-possibilities to create differentiation for your business.

You can begin reaping the benefits of this new technology with the release of the new Philips Advance Xitanium 75W Linear LED Driver. Following this will be the release of 40W and 25W linear drivers and a 250W outdoor LED driver. Further release of this technology is also planned in LED drivers for downlighting. Based on market feedback, the first parameter available for wireless programming will be drive current, with additional options to follow.

SimpleSet - Business Demands

Wireless Programming Benefits:


* Speed - Program fixtures faster without requiring complex and time-consuming wiring mechanics or powering up drivers.

*Flexibility - Program at any stage in the manufacturing process, either single components, before or after installation in the field.

* Reduced costs - Meet a diverse set of customer needs without over extending your SKUs or managing different driver SKUs.

* Simplicity - Deploy anywhere in the assembly process without complex training - Intuitive for anyone, regardless of experience.

* Security - Set and protect proprietary information with dedicated memory space for OEMs with password protection

SimpleSet - Wireless Program