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Specification options,

design flexibility

LED Module Systems

Fortimo LED DLM System Gen 4

Fortimo LED DLM System Gen 4


The Fortimo LED Downlight Module is equipped with a special remote phosphor technology, that enables very high levels of LED efficacy. This general lighting solution continues on the idea of LED Systems Simplified. Additionally the excellent lumen maintenance and long lifetime of up to 50,000 hours make frequent re-lamping a thing of the past – a promise that is backed up by a Philips five-year limited warranty.

Fortimo LED DLM System
Fortimo LED SLM System

Fortimo LED SLM System


The Fortimo LED SLM Gen 4 is a next generation solution for spotlight and downlight applications. Fortimo LED SLM Gen 4 is a product in line with the Fortimo brand promise of light quality and a smart system. Philips provides a system proposition ranging from 1100 Lumen to 4500 Lumen in preset outputs, with the flexibility to tune as per the OEM’s needs. The product leverages the latest chip-on-board LED technology with a Zhaga Book 3 compliant holder. Being a low voltage UL Class II electrical design and a UL recognized component, Fortimo LED SLM Gen 4 enables easy design-in with Philips Advance Xitanium LED Drivers.

Fortimo LED SLM System
Fortimo LED Line Low Voltage Systems

Fortimo LED Line Low Voltage Systems


Fortimo LED Line Gen 3 will enable you to upgrade your linear LED luminaires to the latest high-performance technology while offering the freedom to tune and differentiate on lumen output, efficacy and lifetime, delivering into a common footprint and enabling easy generation change.

The Fortimo LED Line 1R system, with 1 row of LEDs on the module, is ideal for applications requiring beam shaping. The Fortimo LED Line 3R systems have been designed for applications where diffuse lighting is key.

The Fortimo LED Line family was upgraded over previous Fortimo LED Line generations with better color consistency of 3 SDCM. Light sources with good color consistency are recommended in color-critical applications, such as in hospitals or art galleries.

Fortimo LED Line Low Voltage Systems
Fortimo LED HBMt System

Fortimo LED HBMt System

The Fortimo LED High Brightness Module (HBMT) System is a high efficacy, easy to design-in, future-proof solution for OEMs looking to incorporate LEDs into their outdoor, high bay or industrial luminaire portfolios. With a compact rectangular light engine and non-integrated driver, the Fortimo LED HBMt System allows for creation of different light distributions using a metal reflector, similar to HID lamps. OEMs with experience in traditional luminaire design can easily leverage that expertise in developing a LED-based luminaire.

The Fortimo LED HBMt offers multiple lumen packages from the same form factor, and passive thermal management (dependent on luminaire form factor and lumen package), allowing OEMs to leverage a single, simplified design into a full portfolio to better meet end user needs.

Fortimo LED HBMt System
Philips PrimeSet RDL500

Philips PrimeSet RDL500


Philips PrimeSet RDL500 system is a future-proof, energy-saving lighting solution for vertical glass-door refrigerated display cases.PrimeSet RDL500 delivers the next generation of vertical door refrigeration lighting. It offers flexible installation options and may be used with center or side modules in a wide variety of display cases. With a color rendering of 85, it provides excellent visibility of merchandise on display. Energy efficiency and attractive payback times add to the appeal the PrimeSet LED lighting system.

Philips PrimeSet RDL 500
InteGrade LED Systems

InteGrade LED Systems

The InteGrade LED engine system is a sustainable and energy-efficient way* to create an enjoyable shopping experience for customers. Available as both a fixture and light engine, the InteGrade LED systems consists of different components which are designed and marketed together, as we believe good system design is crucial to effective functioning of the system, and it also facilitates an easy design-in.

Philips InteGrade LED Fixture System
The InteGrade LED fixture system is a pre-assembled profile including LED engines, connectors and inline-locks. This product is ideal for customers that have the need for standard products with fixed shelf dimensions.


Philips InteGrade LED Engine System
The InteGrade LED Engine System can be used for shelf and store interior and refrigerated and non-refrigerated display cases. With the dedicated InteGrade connectors it is easy to create longer light lines. Thanks to the system’s compact dimensions, it can be aesthetically integrated into the store interior.

InteGrade LED Systems

Support, analysis and evaluation

Confidence through Philips design-in services


Now, more than ever, LED technology and connected lighting systems are reinventing the lighting landscape. At the same time, they are still evolving at a rapid pace. With ever-changing technology and increased design complexity compared to traditional lighting technologies, why not utilize the expertise of a proven partner with your LED luminaire designs?

Fortimo LED DLM Gen4 System - Peace of mind

Dedicated engineering


Depend on the global leader in lighting technologies to help you create robust, cutting-edge LED lighting solutions to speed up your designs and reduce validation costs. We’re here to help with our design-in services for OEMs, including vigorous thermal, mechanical, electrical and optical testing and validation – all at no charge when Philips components are used.

Desing in Brochure

Fortimo LED DLM Gen4 System - Future proof

Complementary Partners for Fortimo LED Systems


Browse these companies who have developed either reflectors or heat sinks specifically for the Fortimo LED Systems.

Complementary partners


OSUM – Ontario Small Urban Municipalities

Blue Mountains, ON

May 03-05, 2017

AQME Annual Conference

Laval, QC

May 31 - June 1, 2017


UMQ - Union des municipalités du Québec

Montréal, QC

May 20-23, 2017


IOT Big data summit

Toronto, ON

May 23-24, 2017


AQME Annual Conference

St. Lawrence 

May 31 - June 1, 2017


ADGMQ Congress, Quebec 

Laval, QC

Jun 7-9, 2017

FCM – Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Ottawa, ON

Jun 01-04, 2017


AMO – Association of Municipalities of Ontario

Ottawa, ON

Aug 13-16, 2017


ATPA Annual Conference

Rimousk, QC

Sep 05-08, 2017


OEMC - Ontario East Municipal Conference

Kingston, ON

Sep 13-15, 2017


FQM (Fédération québécoises des municipalités)

Québec, QC

Sep 24-25, 2017


Union of British Columbia Municipalities

Vancouver, BC

Sep 25-29, 2017


ITS world Congress 2017 - smart city


Oct 29 - Nov 02, 2017


LED LightSavers - Road & Street

Toronto, ON

Oct 21, 2017


Alberta Urban Municipalities Association 

Calgary, AB

Nov 22-24, 2017


Association of Manitoba Municipalities


Nov 27-29, 2017







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