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    Outdoor Controls


    Philips stand-alone and connected outdoor lighting solutions, ready to suit your need.

    Luminaire Solutions


    Basic. Autonomous. Affordable.
    Are you looking for simple, individual outdoor lighting control without the need for remote access? If so, our stand-alone luminaire managed lighting solutions may suit your needs.


    • Individual LED luminaire dimming and management
    • Pre-programmed, factory customized and user customized settings
    • Low acquisition costs for small quantities
    • No recurring costs
    Luminaire Solutions

    Site Solutions


    Intermediate. Informative. Flexible.
    Are you looking to wirelessly manage your outdoor lighting as a single system or as separate lighting groups within the site? Do you want to monitor and respond to real-time energy usage and track data trends? If so, our web-based site managed connected lighting systems may suit your needs.


    • Single-site LED dimming and management
    • Coordination of the entire system, lighting groups or individual luminaires
    • Daily, weekly, quarterly online report generation
    • Wireless, on-site access
    • Low recurring web site portal access cost
    Site Solutions

    City Solutions


    Advanced. Powerful. Extensive.
    Do you require widespread or multi-site lighting management with detailed asset management? Are you seeking a lighting solution that can grow along with your needs? If so, our robust remote managed connected lighting systems may suit your needs.


    • Coordination of large-scale lighting systems
    • Extensive and detailed report generation
    • Proactive asset management 
    • Remote access
    City Solutions

    Do you want more?


    You can enhance any of our connected lighting systems with the options below.

    Constant light output (CLO)

    CLO ensures equal lighting uniformity and intensity throughout the lumen depreciation period by using the driver to control power to the LED.

    Adjustable startup time (AST)

    AST helps to avoid the unpleasant effects of instant illumination by progressively ramping the power and lumen output.

    Over the life (OTL)

    OTL provides LED luminaire end-of-life alerts, enabling a more efficient relamping process.


    OSUM – Ontario Small Urban Municipalities

    Blue Mountains, ON

    May 03-05, 2017

    AQME Annual Conference

    Laval, QC

    May 31 - June 1, 2017


    UMQ - Union des municipalités du Québec

    Montréal, QC

    May 20-23, 2017


    IOT Big data summit

    Toronto, ON

    May 23-24, 2017


    AQME Annual Conference

    St. Lawrence 

    May 31 - June 1, 2017


    ADGMQ Congress, Quebec 

    Laval, QC

    Jun 7-9, 2017

    FCM – Federation of Canadian Municipalities

    Ottawa, ON

    Jun 01-04, 2017


    AMO – Association of Municipalities of Ontario

    Ottawa, ON

    Aug 13-16, 2017


    ATPA Annual Conference

    Rimousk, QC

    Sep 05-08, 2017


    OEMC - Ontario East Municipal Conference

    Kingston, ON

    Sep 13-15, 2017


    FQM (Fédération québécoises des municipalités)

    Québec, QC

    Sep 24-25, 2017


    Union of British Columbia Municipalities

    Vancouver, BC

    Sep 25-29, 2017


    ITS world Congress 2017 - smart city


    Oct 29 - Nov 02, 2017


    LED LightSavers - Road & Street

    Toronto, ON

    Oct 21, 2017


    Alberta Urban Municipalities Association 

    Calgary, AB

    Nov 22-24, 2017


    Association of Manitoba Municipalities


    Nov 27-29, 2017







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