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      Philips Candle Dimmable LED Lamps offer decorative energy saving ambience with the elegant effect of incandescent candles. Available in bent, blunt and flame tip candles, their unique design provides light in all directions, giving lighting designers a long life alternative to standard incandescent sources.


      Long life properties-- lowers maintenance costs by reducing re-lamp frequency
      Installs into existing candelabra and medium-base fixtures
      Will not fade colors, avoids inventory spoilage
      Contains no mercury
      Emits virtually no UV/IR light in beam
      3-year or 5-year limited warranty depending upon operating hours


      Dimmable* and non-dimmable versions available
      Clear design available in bent, blunt and flame tip
      25,000-hour rated average life+ for 3.5W Philips LED candle
      * Dimmable when using leading edge dimmers (see Philips Website: for compatible leading edge dimmers.)
      + Rated average life based on engineering testing and probability analysis.


      Ideal for wall sconces, chandeliers and decorative lighting in retail, office, and hospitality spaces.
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