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Lumiblade OLED Driver – Mains Voltage

Philips Lumiblade OLED driver, mains voltage

Lumiblade OLED Driver – Mains Voltage

Lumiblade OLED Driver – Mains Voltage

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      Enabling future-proof OLED technology. This driver detects the power and voltage needs of the attached OLED panel and drives it accordingly. It is designed for the current range of Lumiblade OLEDs and makes life much easier for customers as one driver fits many different OLEDs. Customers can wire this driver to the most common mains voltages and drive up to eight OLEDs simultaneously.


      Smallest 8-channel OLED driver with mains input on the market
      One driver for many types of OLEDs
      Optimized for multi-panel, high-lumen OLED luminaires and installations


      Universal AC mains input 120-277 V
      Nominal output current 100-500 mA (in 8-channel configuration)
      Nominal output current 100-1000 mA (in 4-channel configuration)
      Built-in 0-10 V,DALI and “Touch and Dim” interface; dim down to 1% and switch off
      Implemented short-circuit and over-voltage protection


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