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      The Fortimo LED linear light module (LLM) system represents a breakthrough in energy-efficient LED lighting for urban and residential applications. Cutting-edge LED technology ensures peak performance, delivering energy savings with Constant Light Output without compromising on light quality and comfort. Fortimo LED LLM offers a diffused white light LED alternative to traditional frosted light sources such as (compact) fluorescent, high-pressure mercury (HPL) and high-pressure sodium (SON) lampsDesigned primarily for residential outdoor lighting applications, this reliable, upgradeable solution is also suitable for many professional indoor applications. Fortimo LED LLM is a Green Product, contains no mercury and is fully RoHS-compliant.


      Significant energy savings
      High-quality, comfortable white light
      Suitable for dimming and telemanagement systems


      Breakthrough system efficiency
      Future-proof Fortimo platform
      Easy to install, replace and upgrade
      Choice of two color temperatures; excellent color rendering and consistency
      Comfortable, glare-free light


      Fortimo LED LLM modules can be used with dedicated drivers or combined with stand-alone Xitanium LED Xtreme drivers, creating a large number of system designs.
      Fortimo LED LLM 1100 lm and 1800 lm systems require a Xitanium 35 W driver and a separate cable. The 3000 and 4500 lm modules utilize the Xitanium 75 W driver with an integrated cable.
      In addition to fixed light output, Fortimo LLM 1100 lm and 1800 lm systems are available with integrated LumiStep dimming. The 3000 and 4500 lm systems offer the 1-10 V dimming protocol.


      Outdoor residential and solar (off-grid) applications
      Urban street lighting
      Cold-storage distribution centers
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