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      Low frequency electronic HID ballasts such as the Philips Advance e-Vision line constantly measure and adjust the wattage, optimizing delivery of the ceramic lamps' superior color properties. This makes ceramic metal halide operated by e-Vision ballasts the premier choice for many applications previously illuminated by either tungsten halogen or incandescent sources, such as retail lighting.


      Constant lamp wattage for optimal color control and maximimum performance
      Significant energy savings can be achieved when compared to incandescent or magnetic alternatives


      Low frequency lamp operation
      Intellivolt 120-277V input range
      Metallic enclosures for optimal thermal dissipation
      Smaller and lighter weight than magnetic HID ballasts
      Thermally protected, internally fused, and output short circuit protected with Lamp End-of-Life shutdown


      Retail display and accent lighting in both track and downlights, lobbies, atriums, landscape and façade lighting
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