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        Philips Advance Optanium high-efficiency electronic ballasts are engineered to optimize lighting performance and maximize energy savings. These ballasts provide an unparalleled package of features and benefits to support the wide variety of T8 fluorescent lamps out in the market place.


        Promotes sustainability by consuming less input watts than standard efficiency electronic ballasts
        Enhances accuracy and ease of ordering while reducing
        Reduces the potential for lamp striation typically seen when using energy saving lamps


        Helps reduce maintenance costs as more lamps remain on when lamps reach end-of-life minimizing wasteful re-lamping
        Reduces the likelihood of striation in energy-saving lamps, allowing for additional energy-saving opportunities
        Allows users to replace lamps without cycling power (standard and energy saving lamps)


        Orgeneral office lighting, institutional, government, health care, school applications, occupancy sensors or motion detectors replacement for incandescent down-lighting systems
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