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      Luminaire based, stand-alone controller for 1-10 V electronic driver. Suitable for outdoor applications like roads, streets, residential and area lighting 5-step dimming schedule is created in easy-to-use software, dimming schedule is downloaded in Dynadimmer via a Programmer or USB PC cable.


      Maximize energy savings through 5-level dimming
      Stand-alone, no commissioning, no operational costs
      Reduced light nuisance


      Easy-to-use software provides a forecast of energy savings
      Very small size − fits inside almost any luminaire
      Double isolated SELV version for LED luminaires


      Operates any 1-10 V electronic driver
      Designed to be controlled through external dusk-dawn switches like light sensors or cabinet-controlled switching


      Each Dynadimmer can control a driver-lamp combination in a stand-alone manner
      Designed for use in road, street, residential and area lighting applications including parking lots, ports, train stations and industrial complexes
      The design of the Dynadimmer is optimized for mounting in a luminaire or gear tray
      The Philips Dynadimmer is designed and released to interact with Philips 1-10 V gear and is compatible with dimmable drivers with a standard 1-10 V interface
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