Versatility delivered

Xitanium LED Driver Indoor Downlight/Track Programmable (US)

Xitanium LED Driver Indoor Downlight/Track Programmable (US)

Xitanium LED Driver Indoor Downlight/Track Programmable (US)

  • Versatility delivered

    • Robust programmable solution that offers ultimate design flexibility with a reliable long lifetime
    • Reduced SKU complexity and simplified logistics management (one driver to serve many needs)
    • Multiple dimming options provide energy savings and can help reduce light pollution and CO2 impact
    • Easily programmable user interface for onsite customization of driver requirements
    • Driver programmability provides features for the ever-evolving improvements in LED efficacy, removing the need to design-in a new LED driver as technology improves or changes


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Informations sur la famille de produits

Xitanium Indoor LED Drivers are available in a wide variety of wattages up to 50W. Most models include adjustable output current to enable OEMs to set LED drive current specific to their needs. These drivers are available in form factors perfectly suited for indoor Downlighting and Track applications. Programability enable the OEM to offer a wide array of features, facilitating application specific solutions while minimizing SKUs.


Adjustable drive current through set RSET
1-10V and Leading Edge dimming options for maximum energy efficiency
Programmable features AOC, CLO, DALI
Slim Profile
Wide operating window
Optimized life expectancies of up to 100,000 hours


office, retail, hospitality, meeting rooms
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