Postline (74P)

  • Sleek design, maximum performance

    • Conveniently fits inside a 3" or 4" diameter pole


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Informations sur la famille de produits

Lantern-type, post-top fixtures mounted on slender poles ofter require ballasts which fit in the poles. Postline ballasts include a special, elongated core and coil ballast encased and potted in a high temperature resin (Class H, 180ºC max.) in cylindrical housings of a diameter to accommodate being placed within a 3" or 4" diameter pole.


Capacitor and ignitor (where required) are included within the can
Includes leads necessary for direct connection to a photocell
A 1/2" threated nipple is provided for verticle mounting
Leads extend from both ends of the can for ease of installation


Post top luminaires
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