Leaving a legacy

with light

Lou Ruvo Center,
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

See how architectural illumination is embodying the spirit of care at the Lou Ruvo center
Philips Color Kinetics illuminating the Lou Ruvo center

The project was
a great

marriage of design form and functionality. It's a true joy to be a part of this piece of art."


- Jack Valencia, Lighting designer

Philips Color Kinetics illuminating the Lou Ruvo center

Customer Challenge


The Luo Ruvo Center for Brain Health is a futuristic healthcare facility. Based in an ultra-modern venue with breathtaking architecture, it offers cutting-edge care for people with brain disorders.  To complement the building’s unique features, an inventive lighting concept was needed.

The right lighting

The Lou Ruvo center, with its sloping steel façade and gravity-defying structure, was no ordinary building. Only a completely original lighting concept could do justice to the unique architecture, so the organization enlisted acclaimed designer Jack Valencia. His strategy was to illuminate the center from the inside out, using colorful LEDs to give it a distinctive glow. However, the lighting would have to be intense enough to illuminate the building's façade through its 199 windows.ColorBlast PowerCore was the ideal illuminator. Valencia used 54 of these futuristic fixtures, installing them around beam structures, the building's main truss, and the lighting pipes. A combination of clear and frosted lenses was used to create texture and depth. Lighting schemes were set up using an iPlayer 3 DMX lighting controller from Philips Color Kinetics and additional third-party controllers.

With the new lights in place, the building takes on its own unique character. Valencia's lighting schemes adapt the center's interior for different events, bathing the space in effects ranging from rich, solid hues to rainbow arrays. The light also pours through the building's windows, bouncing off the steel façade and exterior profile.

The Keep Memory Alive charity and the Lou Ruvo Center were both conceived by Larry Ruvo. The center was constructed to honor Lou Ruvo after he died from Alzheimer's disease in 1994. With the new lights in place, the center embodies the vibrancy of Lou Ruvo's legacy.

Giving hope
with light

The Team

Jack Valencia

Lighting designer

Joel Spurgeon & Jack Valencia

LED programming

Frank Gehry


Spurgeon Design and Development

A/V & Lighting

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