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Celebrating history with

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Little Rock,
Arkansas, United States

Find out how Little Rock is celebrating 100 years of history with help from Philips lighting.
Exterior lighting by Philips lighting

This is a project
that our citizens

can be proud of. I trust it will draw tourism and economic development to our great city.”


- Mark Stodola, Mayor of Little Rock

Exterior lighting by Philips lighting

Customer Challenge


Little Rock is a city steeped in history. Over the centuries, the city has grown to become a nerve center for commerce in the state of Arkansas. To commemorate 100 years of business in Little Rock, three of the city’s bridges were adorned with exciting displays of lighting.

Exterior lighting by Philips lighting

The right lighting

Lighting the three bridges would require some creative collaboration between local organizations. The cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock, the Clinton Foundation, and Koontz Electric joined hands to fund and design the $2.2M project. There were two main goals behind the work: beautify the city and spark community engagement. To achieve these goals, the team needed lighting that could illuminate the city’s beloved bridges with dazzling displays of vibrant color.

The vision was turned into a reality with our Color Kinetics fixtures. To light the bridges, a combination of ColorBlast Powercore, ColorReach Powercore gen2, ColorGraze MX Powercore fixtures, and ColorReach Compact Powercore fixtures were used. When night falls, the bridges are now washed in a breathtaking blend of hues. The steely structures, which were once shrouded in darkness at night, have become a source of pride for Little Rock.

The bridge lighting is managed through six Pharos controllers. With these control units in place, the fixtures can be programmed to produce individualized light shows for each bridge. Alternatively, they can be synced with each other to create sweeping schemes across all three bridges. The result is a diverse collection of gorgeous light schemes, including rich solid shades and multicolored patterns, which shine across the skyline and river.

Creating breathtaking bridges
in Little Rock, Arkansas

The Team

Koontz Electric


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